On your sleeve is ran and founded by Tammy Louise, a family orientated Yorkshire mum of two.

“I'm a mum that refuses to let go of the wild child inside, taking risks is just what I do, and sometimes risks pay off.

I’m educated in things elsewhere but I’m following my passion, cos babe money isn't everything, earning while your smiling is what its all about, ducking diving and surviving.


                                                               How I got here 


I began to make clothes from scratch at a young age for myself and then for my friends, the demand got high for them in my town, I began to take orders but never dreamed it would become a career, just a hobby. 

After a crazy time in my life where everything span out of control for me, when the only way was up my dreams stopped looking so scary. After a long harsh word with myself and a few jd and cokes, I came up with a plan and well I made it happen. I made a dream come true, I opened my own quirky boutique and a place where people like me felt they belonged, a descent place to shop. And now I’ve started a descent place to shop online too 🤘🏼 


                                                                  Have a drink 


To all the go getters, and TO ALL THE REST OF MY FELLOW TRENDSETTERS, If influencing my locals wasn`t enough i have hit the web to corrupt you all and change your relationship with clothes i am bringing you stylish, affordable and sustainable looks for all you people who stand alone and care about what you wear. who don`t want to fall into the media trap of  one season pieces.


                                                                 Let’s be friends 


I’m just a email away if you need a hand in picking your wardrobe essentials, if you need a little change, a confidence boost, I’m your girl 🖤




I am inspired by the powerful women from the  70`s right up to the 90`s. My style is influenced by festivals, great music, films but with a twist of sophistication and beautiful things. I love a mix of old and new.


​                                                                   The name 


Why Call it  ‘On your sleeve’ Well it was easy for me, Both my children are tattooed on my sleeve. I’m a big believer in wearing your heart there too, Vulnerability is stylish, Don’t let this world harden you to much, don’t follow, be you and Learn to heart what you wear.